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We have specialized in printing and manufacturing packaging boxes for 12 years .


Paper box

Custom high quality paper box

Professional manufacturer provides you high quality paper boxes at reasonable prices.

Books, picture albums

Books, brochures, posters

Specialized in the production of printed books and picture albums to the superio quality of service and product quality for customer satisfaction with the production of high-quality products.

Gift Boxes

Cardboard gift box Craft paper gift Pu gift box

Professional customization gift box according your requirement. Communication supremacy, Detail supremacy, Service supremacy. Caifeng at pains, packing meticulously.

Food Box

Cake;Chocolate; Candy; Cookies; Tea ; Dessert; Moon cake

We offer the cake, chocolate, candy, Cookies, moon cake, tea, dessert paper box packaging with customized design.

Produce Packaging

Custom vegetable box、fruit box、egg box...

Professional packaging box manufacturers.we can customize products according to demand.


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